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How will you rise from the dust?

Deceit? Strategy? Gold? All of the above…


Claim to be whoever you want.

As a lowly peasant, it seems impossible to gain royalty. So just fake it till you make it! In Rus’ you can claim to have any character you desire, that way you can carry out any action you need to get closer to becoming the King. Just be careful you don’t get caught lying!

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Stir the pot with action cards.

Sometimes we need a little boost. Action cards can allow you to get ahead or hurt other players. choose your friends wisely!

Build your Estate!

Don’t forget you have a small little peasant house! Convince others that you were born in royalty! Upgrade your Dacha, build monuments, invite people to your festivals, do whatever it takes to make your place look like a King lives here!


Become the King

Deceived the nation that you’re not just a peasant? Climbed the ladder through all the different classes? Have enough riches to buy the crown? Become the King! Royalty is yours!


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